Bockelmann Chiropractic & Acupuncture, Chaska, Minnesota
Dr. Darrin Bockelmann, DC
1107 Hazeltine Boulevard, Suite 420

Chaska, Minnesota 55318
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"I suffer from severe migraines and was in pain on a daily basis. I had tried lots of different therapies before turning to chiropractic care. Through chiropractic treatments with Dr. Bockelmann, I have seen a dramatic change. He took time to explain what was going on, how to retrain my muscles and how to incorporate exercise and strength training into my busy day. Dr. Bockelmann is very patient and thorough. Our family will continue to see him on a regular basis."

- Danielle Jorgensen
Chaska, Minnesota

"I could barely walk without pain when I first began seeing Dr. Bockelmann. In the past four years, he has helped me heal my spine and maintain flexibility through the use of a variety of exercises and chiropractic maintenance. My son Ryan sees Dr. Bockelmann monthly to help stay flexible and aligned with his aggressive athletic training. We both maintain a regular schedule with Bockelmann Chiropractic as part of our focus on staying healthy and strong."

- Alex Masui
Chanhassen, Minnesota